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Gold for your hair. These four words describe what Oge Exclusive is. As a high-end beauty brand we are focused at the top of the market with our 5-in-1 curler and hair straightener. Since the online launch, the curler, including 5 changeable attachments, and the straightener with golden, tourmaline plates are well-known amongst beauty bloggers and are even ranked best in several tests among consumers.

Oge Exclusive locations

With our luxurious hair tools we stimulate an increase of costumers visiting your salon. You will profit from a strong and proven marketing formula and all products will be delivered directly to you, without the interference of wholesalers. As an Ogé Exclusive location you will also be part of Oge’s social media campaigns and your salon will be named in several commercials.

Why Oge Exclusive?

Ogé Exclusive is a 100% Dutch company that works closely with the American supplier. The products are suited for all types of hair. Ogé Exclusive’s hair tools help you create the most beautiful styles.


Unlike other brands, we differentiate our products with our tourmaline hair tools, tourmaline is a gemstone which is processed in our tools. Tourmaline makes sure your hair stays healthy and does not dry the hair, so styling your hair is not harmful.


Oge Exclusive's luxuriously designed products are real eye catchers. Not only are they appealing to the eye, they are also build to last.


Ogé Exclusive is committed to make sure her customers are satisfied with their products. Our customerservice is always happy to help with questions regarding our products, stores or anything else. Please contact us at or via the contact form.

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