12 Traits of a power woman

12 Traits of a power woman

Being a strong, independent woman is all about being in charge of your life and embracing your femininity. This woman will inspire you every day and command your respect and admiration. We make it easy for you to spot this modern-day goddess with these 12 traits that define her!

1. She knows her own worth and won’t settle for anything less, be it professionally or personally.  She deserves the best – be it that promotion or even that designer bag – she gets it and the best thing is – she’s never apologetic about it.

2. She’s always up for new challenges. She doesn’t get disheartened over minor hiccups and bumps. She doesn’t let failures define her life but uses them to grow and evolve. She knows how to adapt to situations.3. She’s confident about her looks and comfortable in her own skin. Big, small, skinny or not – she’s happy where she is. She knows how to make the best of what she has and how to camouflage the bits she’s still working on.

4. She’s financially stable – or is getting there. She definitely knows how to balance her books. She knows how much is in her bank account.

5. She takes responsibility for her own emotional well-being. She knows her own worth and isn’t easily swayed by what others think. She listens to advice but makes up her own mind.

6. Romantic relationships are not the only priority in her life. She’ll love fiercely but she’ll know the difference between being in love and following her man everywhere.

7. She’ll stand up for what she believes is right, and she is willing to go against the people closest to her to stand up for what she believes in.8. She’s able to juggle between her job and personal life with flair. She may not be superwoman, but she’s pretty darn close to it.9. She has a fairly good idea of what she wants in life and how to get there.But the good thing  this is she rolls with the punches. She knows there are many roads that lead to her goals.

10. She is assertive and doesn’t shy away from asking for what she wants.She never found her inner doormat – and thank God for it!!

11. She is her own person and is proud of it. She knows that a marriage, babies, a man, friends are all important but they do not define her.

12. She has a sense of humour. She can laugh at herself and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s the bestie you want to have!

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